1989-1993 Cummins 5.9L

The Hungry Diesel

The Hungry Diesel - Competition VE Pump


The Hungry Diesel very own Competion VE pump! This pump has done up to 648hp, fuel only, and pushes up to 320cc. Average cc is between 295-320cc. These pumps push more fuel than any other 12mm VE on the market. And it is still backed with a 2 year,...

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The Hungry Diesel

The Hungry Diesel - VE Pump


VE Injection pump from The Hungry Diesel. Industry leading 2 year warranty ! Options are stock built ve pump. (90cc of fuel) Maxed out stock ve pump. (250-260cc on average). Including THD fuel pin and gov spring of your choice!

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The Hungry Diesel

AFC Spring - Silver


Stronger AFC spring, spring is found in the early non intercooled trucks. As we increase boost pressure, a stronger spring helps in aid a proper fueling curve and more afc adjustment. If your suffering from flooding the turbo out at low boost, and you do...

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The Hungry Diesel

Bosch Gasket Kit - DGK 121


"This Bosch Diesel Gasket Kit contains the genuine article. It packs exactly the same superior quality gaskets specifically engineered for our OE pump. There's nothing better for restoring a Bosch system to its original condition. Isn't your reputation...

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