Edge Products - Free EAS Promotion

1st May 2018

Edge Products - Free EAS Promotion
It’s that time of year again, Edge’s Free EGT Promo (or other EAS Device)! Are you looking for deals as summer approaches and tax refund dollars are burning a hole in your pocket? Starting May 1st through June 30th, 2018 buy any Insight CTS2*, Evolution CTS2*, Juice w/ Attitude CTS2, Revolver Kit, Stage 1 Kit with the Evolution CTS2, or a Stage 2 Kit, and you qualify for a FREE EAS product,* directly from Edge! That’s up to a $152.95 savings. Below are the approved part numbers that qualify
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Difference between SAC and VAC Injectors

23rd Dec 2016

SAC = Area around pintel tip ♦ Needle (pintel) only needs to seal ONE opening. ♦ Because the tip has more material, it is more robust and longer-lasting. ♦ We are also able to modify the tip for higher flow rates reliably because there is more material to safely take fromVCO = Valve Covered Orifice ♦ Needle must seal EVERY hole perfectly or leakage will occur. This means that, if ANY erosion has occurred, the needle will not seal properly. ♦ Because the tip has less material, i
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